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She Wore White

by:Patty Loreto

She was a most precious gift

from Heaven above,

A child very much wanted,

treasured, and loved.

The importance of the day

was unknown to her.

Yet she knew something special

was about to occur.

Her small head was drawn back

over the font glistening gold.

Fear gripped her body,

for the water was cold.

She let out a cry

that filled the whole place.

She did not stop her crying

until she saw her mom's face.

Her mother was Safety,

Goodness, and Light.

It was the day of her Baptism

and she wore white.


Just seven years old

and she felt all grown-up.

She had longed for the day

when she could drink from the cup.

"Lord, I am not worthy to receive you,

but only say the word and I shall be healed."

She recited this prayer as

she joined the others to kneel.

She then made a dreadful mistake

that only she herself knew.

When she returned from the alter

she went in the wrong pew.

Tears welled up in her eyes

as she searched for her place,

until she caught just a glimpse

of her dad's smiling face.

Her father was Safety,

Goodness, and Light.

It was her First Holy Communion

and she wore white.

Her parents had sacrificed.

She had told them she'd try.

They gave her the best education

their money would buy.

Yet, she questioned herself,

"Had it all been for naught?"

It seemed she'd forgotten

all she'd been taught.

No longer a child,

her life would never be the same.

She was lost in her thoughts

when the dean called her name.

She then rose from her seat:

Her eyes wet and glazed.

She walked to the podium

as if in a daze.

As she searched through the crowd

she found them sitting there.

Her family's expressions

erased all her fear.

Her family was Safety,

Goodness, and Light.

It was her Graduation Day

and she wore white.


She felt like a princess

in love with a prince.

They had met while in college:

Were together ever since.

Still, she found herself crying.

Doubt clouded her mind.

Till death do us part

was an awfully long time.

Her hands were shaking

as she walked down the aisle,

but a calm overtook her

when she saw his bright smile.

Then as he said his vows,

she looked deep into his eyes.

She was sure they'd be together

for the rest of their lives.

Her husband was Safety,

Goodness, and Light.

It was the day of her wedding

and she wore white.

Late in her life, the doctor said,

"I've done all that I could",

then walked out of the room,

though uncertain he should.

Her family and friends were there.

To them, her last words she spoke,

"I am tired.  I must sleep."

but she never awoke.

Her children screamed out in anger.

Her friends cried out in disbelief.

Her husband offered no comfort,

So deep was his grief.

She was their Safety,

Goodness, and Light.

It was the day of her death

and she wore white.


At first she was frightened,

confused, and alone.

She was swept through a tunnel

toward a certain unknown.

A white light in the distance

shined as bright as the sun.

Yet it did not hurt her eyes

and was urging her on.

She then felt a joy, and a peace

unlike any she'd known.

Becoming one with this light

she knew she was home.

God was her Safety.

He is Goodness and Light.

He had always been with her

and He, too, wore white.

She Wore White - Copyright 2010 Patty A. Loreto